Bot Commands

Basic commands

Command Alias Description
-settimezone <area:city> -setz
This command will allow you to set your own timezone. Use only “-settimezone” to get a list of all locations. Timezone list
?<language code> <text> Translates a message to that language. Language Code List
GG/apply Send an application to recruit for a team. Only use this in #bot-commands on Discord.
!d bump Bump our Discord server on Disboard.
<mapname>-callouts For example “Mirage-callouts” Use in chat and it will show you a map of the callouts.
Available maps:
Dust2, Cache, Cobblestone, Inferno, Mirage, Overpass, Train and Nuke. ***
* Timezone list
**Language Code List
***Interactive CS:GO map callouts

Channel Commands

Command Alias Description
!pblock Locks the voice channel you are in so no more people can join
!pbunlock Unlocks the voice channel
!pbrename <new name> Change the name of your voice channel, make sure you follow our rules.

Fun commands

Commands Alias Description
-define <topic:text> -df Look up an urban dictionary definition
-weather <where:text> -w Shows the weather somewhere
-topic Generates a conversation topic to help chat get moving.
-catfact -cf
Random cat facts
-dogfact -dog
Random dog facts
-advice [what:text] Don’t be afraid to ask for advice!
-throw [target:user] Throwing things is cool.
-roll <1ides:whole number> Roll dices, specify nothing for 6 sides, specify a number for max sides, or rpg dice syntax. Example: -roll 2d6
-8ball <what to ask:text> Wisdom

NSFW commands

Command Description
.boobs Random boob picture.
.butts Random butt picture.
.ass Random ass picture.
.hentai * Random hentai picture.
.rule34 * Random rule34 picture.
.e621 * Random e621 picture.
.danbooru * Random danbooru picture.
.depribooru * Random depribooru picture.
.gelbooru * Random gelbooru picture.
.konachan * Random konachan picture.
.yandere * Random yandere picture.
* optional with a search word

Gambling Commands

Command Description Command use
g-help Help command g-help
g-pet Check users pets g-pet @user
g-breed Breed your own pet g-breed
g-info Check discord guild information g-info
g-balance Check your wallet and bank balance g-balance
g-roulette Play roulette g-roulette [bet]
g-crash Play crash g-crash [bet]
g-fight Fun multiplayer game g-fight @user [bet]
g-slots Play slots with a 5x multiplier g-slots [bet]
g-hourly Claim $300 g-hourly
g-daily Claim $2k g-daily
g-weekly Claim $50k [DONATOR CMD] g-weekly
g-work Random amount given g-work
g-flip Play bet flip g-flip [bet]
g-bigflip Play bet flip (big bets from 1m – 2m) [DONATOR CMD] g-bigflip [bet]
g-blackjack Play blackjack vs bot g-blackjack [bet]
g-give Send users currency (10% tax) g-give @user [amount]
g-rob Rob users g-rob @user
g-deposit Deposit currency from wallet to bank g-deposit [amount]
g-withdraw Withdraw currency from bank to wallet g-withdraw [amount]
g-wager Play 1v1 bets against a user g-wager @user [amount]
g-rps Play rock paper scissors against the bot g-rps [bet]
g-inventory Check your current inventory g-inventory
g-buy Buy items from the item shop g-buy [item-id] [amount]
g-shop View a list of purchasable items g-shop
g-fun View a list of fun commands g-fun
g-vote Vote for $15k [VOTE STREAK = EXTRA $5k] g-vote
g-claim Claim people as waifus g-claim @user
g-unclaim Unclaim waifus g-unclaim [ID]
g-waifu List all your claimed waifus g-waifu
g-leaderboard View a list of the richest users g-leaderboard