Discord Rules

  1. Follow Discord’s Terms of Services and Community Guidelines.
  2. No racial intolerance or extreme hate speech of any kind.
  3. No creating unnecessary drama.
  4. Do not leak any personal information about other server members without their permission. This includes DMs.
  5. Do not post any nsfw content outside of the #🔞nsfw channel.
  6. Do not impersonate bots,or any server member. (Via name, nickname or profile picture).
  7. Do not go into discussion with staff in the server after a staff decision (like getting warned), if you think the warn was invalid please DM @DM me for Support bot.
  8. No spam of ANY kind is allowed(@mention spam, reaction spam, copy/paste text walls, @mentions in AFK’s).
  9. This is an English Speaking and English based server, so English is the primary language we all communicate in.
  10. Any fraudulent/illegal activity will be reported to authorities and taken care of immediately.
  11. Use channels the way they are intended. Misuse will be punished and messages will be deleted.

    For any complaints DM @DM me for Support

*Translated pages might not be reliable. We will always refer to the original version in English.